"Where You Are" - Jack Anderson

This is where you are.
Please note.
You are reading a poem
Beginning, “This is where you are.”
Now get up
And walk three times around the room,
Then drink from a faucet
(If you can find a faucet).
Do not use a glass.
Stick your mouth directly
Into the stream of water.
Feel the water,
Its coldness, its wetness.
If there is no faucet near you
Or if the water is not potable,
Observe the sky
And whatever may fill it
(in the margin you may write
The names of three things
You see in the sky)
And try to decide
Whether our present condition
Is best described
As peace or war.
What is the difference
Between this and “this”?

Please take note
Of where you are.
Did you really walk around the room
As requested?
Have you written anything in the margin?
Are you sitting, standing,
Or reclining?
You are reading a poem
Which will end,
"Of all this is."
But you are not there yet.
You are here.
You are getting there.
Now explain precisely
What the point
Of all this is.


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